vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Photosynthesis and Global Warming.

Do we have a global warming. Once it is accepted that the oxygen of photosynthesis is exothermic, you may conclude that all the output of photosynthesis is exothermic. That is a new factor in the thermodynamic equation of the climate.
Some says that the permafrost is melting in North America. Why not, there had been a lot of tree plantings. So there is a lot of new forests that will produce clouds that will go north; also the heat that is built because of the atmosphere seems to go where healthy forests are.
The polar ice cap is melting. I don't think so. Because that ice cap is in a very cold water, too cold to melt sweet-water-ice. And for the water of that polar sea, to be hot enough to melt the ice cap, the southern seas have to be hotter than the polar sea. So if the St-Lawrence River has ice during winter then the ice cap had not melted. It is the snow that fails to going there to be packed over the ice cap.
So, no global warming for me. And if the polar ice cap do reflect the total production of new molecules by photosynthesis, then, as a planet, we do have a formidable problem.

samedi 4 octobre 2008

Ouragans, tornadoes, jet stream via photosynthesis exothermic output

Hurricanes, tornadoes, jet stream.
Photosynthesis will produce new molecules that are exothermic. Splitting of water molecule does produce radicals: the hydroxyl and the hydrogen radicals.
To form an Oxygen molecule, you need four hydroxyls radicals, hence four water molecules to be split as for gaining a monomer or an oxygen molecule.
So, four hydroxyl radicals will become two water molecules and an oxygen molecule... 4[OH] --> 2H2O+O2. The four hydrogen radicals will ally with CO2 and any stuff from the elaborated sap (the elaborate sap goes down along a thin film being located between wood and the bark: phloem).
For each monomer, CO2+4[H] --> CH2O + H2O, we have a new water molecule. So, for each oxygen molecule done, there are three water molecules. All new molecules are exothermic. Why, since the radicals are short-live and endothermic, others molecules will be exothermic.

4H2O --> 4[OH] + 4[H]
4[OH] --> 2H2O+O2
4[H] + CO2 --> CH2O + H2O

Root water and these new molecules (oxygen and water) will build a pressure, building the turgescence, and open the stomata system, bringing along more water from the roots, being the future cloud, going to the highest position of those clouds. During winter this are the snowflakes. How the pressure is increase. The new molecules being hot gases would have to have a bigger volume if they were not included in the bulk of water. The overall production of photosynthesis around the planet will maintained as a balloon against the cosmos. At the poles, there is a loss of molecules year round. The magnetic field of the earth is filled with plasma. These molecules forming the plasma have to come from somewhere. These molecules, the plasma, will not stay permanently in the magnetic field; they will be spilled in the universe.
Before, the gases will form as structures around the planet. These structures do need an active process as to be functioning: new molecule production that builds a pressure. So, as photosynthesis, the process affecting those structures out there, is affected by water and water is affected by the moon, then the moon is a factor for photosynthesis production, for the maintaining of the structures. When there is a weakness in the structures, the hurricanes and the tornadoes are there.The hurricanes will arise when the production of photosynthesis is at minimum; when at the planet year rotation around the sun and at the position of the moon, the vegetation is having its weakest production of the photosynthesis. Tornadoes will appear when locally there is a very weak production of photosynthesis.

Moon has two manners of influencing photosynthesis: light and attraction. If you crosscheck your observations of the temperature, in respect to the moon relative position, you will have good predictions ahead.

A hot sea and a cold sea.
A reduced population of unicellulars, able of photosynthesis, a hot sea will have. A hot sea is where hurricane will begin because there is no production of new molecules by living organisms. The hurricane will be stopped when meeting a cold sea. How, I don’t know. But the new molecules done by photosynthesis in/by a unicellular must be exothermic. And as exothermic is affiliated with an expansion of the volume...

The cosmos pumps molecules at the poles and where the hurricane would be.

These molecules will feed the Van Allen radiation belt. .

Where is that heat layer compare to these belts, I don’t know. But the basic model, I would see, is that the weakness is at the poles. So the gush-in is there, at the poles. But, as photosynthesis cycle has weak points, hurricane will become a new region where the planet faces the cosmos, where the cosmos grasps heat and matter. When hurricane is done there is a loss to the cosmos of gases, and that generates the winds but how. Those winds are different; but I can’t specify.
There is as a system moving with the hurricane as its center. Any portion of the earth vegetation will have a different moon light reflection and attraction, so there is variation in photosynthesis according to the geographic position. And where photosynthesis is the weakest begins the hurricane. And the hurricane will move, it will follow the non-photosynthesis production.

Jet Stream.
And how is the Jet Stream affected by photosynthesis. Jet Stream is continuous. But when there is no Jet Stream, on that longitude there had been visits of tornadoes. Make your own observations of the Jet Stream at: . Each patch of vegetation is under different day light, moon light and moon attraction; that produce different output of the vegetation photosynthesis. So, all around the planet their productions will meet in the upper atmosphere, and over the poles. There is a resultant or stationary wind. Jet Stream is the front: warfront between the north production and the south production. So, no jet stream is no photosynthesis output; then tornadoes have a backdoor to earth surface.

Polar Ice Cap.
Jet stream and the thickness of the polar cap are two realities. Some say that polar ice cap has melted. You see by hot summer day, may be nice temperature is sufficient to give heat. But as the ice do melt at 0° Celsius and the sea is colder, all the heat will be sucked by the sea. So, in the hottest day, go there; make a hole in the ice and you would see ice reforming in a short time; if I am right. Would the ice cap being melted, the St-Lawrence River would have had to have a winter with no ice.

What is happening is that the snow fails to get there.

We may have the control over Jet Stream inadequacy and dwarfing North Pole ice cap. To prime a forest: WITH THINNING, TREE TRIMMING, TREE-SEED PLANTING AND PRESCRIBED BURNING.

Sincerely yours, Pierre Verville Jardinier forestier.

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