vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Photosynthesis and Global Warming.

Do we have a global warming. Once it is accepted that the oxygen of photosynthesis is exothermic, you may conclude that all the output of photosynthesis is exothermic. That is a new factor in the thermodynamic equation of the climate.
Some says that the permafrost is melting in North America. Why not, there had been a lot of tree plantings. So there is a lot of new forests that will produce clouds that will go north; also the heat that is built because of the atmosphere seems to go where healthy forests are.
The polar ice cap is melting. I don't think so. Because that ice cap is in a very cold water, too cold to melt sweet-water-ice. And for the water of that polar sea, to be hot enough to melt the ice cap, the southern seas have to be hotter than the polar sea. So if the St-Lawrence River has ice during winter then the ice cap had not melted. It is the snow that fails to going there to be packed over the ice cap.
So, no global warming for me. And if the polar ice cap do reflect the total production of new molecules by photosynthesis, then, as a planet, we do have a formidable problem.

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