mercredi 11 mars 2009

The failure of the universities.

If you go to those two sites, there is my first article of science opinion about photosynthesis.

Three years that article ranks top-five. Eventually I start my BlogSpot. Surprise, that first article was tied to me. And my “Photosynthesis” was sixteen in no time. Now, all these results are eliminated from a Google research.

It is not only for photosynthesis that I have thesis. Even if I am stupid on many points, theses I got. How? I got centiles. 96, 92, 91 for chemistry, physics and geography! But I am a weak student. I have a pierced skull, and that gives me a weak memory and a difficulty of attention. Worst I am suffering apathy. Either it interests me or not. I have never been able to learn my multiplication tables by rote.

Young I was not interested in studies. Instead I started my life as a monk: Pauvres de St-François. But I am not homosexual, and conflicts had aroused. I had a premiere formation in electronics and started a new career as sylviculture worker. Eventually I got a formation as technician in forest management. But curious accidents had struck me, and at my forty I was unable to work physically. So, I start my university. I was hungry for information. The problem is the university staff never checked upon my results of “les examens du ministère de l’Éducation”. They see me as a prey to get cash from. But they let me study for five years during which I have access to their books. My last session was a clash. They refused me the right to answer exams with different notions. I would have had, if so, quite a good number of theses then. So, I quit them. But I had had my vengeance; I presented myself with a copy of my results to the biology director. Things would have changed then, have I accepted to forget and to forgive them. I quit them.

The problem with the universities is that as student we have exams by which we are not independent of our teacher. With exam with centiles, we are independent of our teacher and our Institution. But other manner of exam may be devised. I suggest that the teacher that gives the course be not the one who does the exam. But that will not please the Institutions and the syndicates of professors. I suggest that at university level be two manners of formation.
Industries will not employ one with big formation. Once the job done, the researches, there is no need for big formation. You need big formation for evolving the situation but once it is established you lose your job. So, formations as technician and engineer may continue as before, but high formation must be different. A suggestion, universities may pay student for studying. For that it has to be for the elite; not cash elite but centile elite.

As for now the universities fail to produce sound theories. Worst, some fields are filled with bluffers. They bluff. When someone says ... if you are not Ph D level you will probably not understood.... they have nothing serious as theories. They are often stalled but they do not want to lose the face.

There is at the end of a session an evaluation. That evaluation must not be done by the University. It must be by an independent party.

Whatever you will do, as it is, it is not working. The Universities failed to produce sound theories. Sure there are fields as mechanics which are good. But the whole time you are there, the only method is to learn by rote.

To understand or to learn by rote; to be or not to be!

I will give you an exemple of utter incompetence. It concerns Capillarity and vegetal physiology. The xylem of trees may be considered as a capillary tube. It is presented mercury and water. A capillary tube in mercury will present meniscuses turning down, and the level of the liquid in the tube will be lower than the adjacent liquid. For water, the meniscuses will be turning up, and the inside level will be higher. With that, they are able to provide a theory in vegetal physiology.
All is false. Why. Simply, the concept of capillarity is false because it is incomplete. You just need a talc powder; this will make the water not adhering to the walls of the tube. That is water and mercury will act the same. No difference. Meniscuses turning down and a lower level in the tube.
So, whatever has been said with a false premiss is false. You do not have a sound theory about vegetal physiology.

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