samedi 7 mars 2009


We cannot fight wildfires. It will only forestall the inevitable; you will get monsters. As for now there is the British Columbia of Canada which has experimented with controlled burns. I still prefer “prescribed burning”.

Prescribed burning had been banished since the year 1920. They decided they preferred large cut areas over light ones.

It is the seedlings will not sprout; the litter is too acid. You must have large areas for the rains to wash the acidity. Or, you burn your forest.
A fire, for a forest, is a Victory.

With gentle prescribed burning you do it when the winds have the good condition; that is the stability and the strength.

With harsh conditions, you must create lines of counter-fires. Make sure the fire goes in the good direction, and let go. The burned lines will encounter and nullify.

The mentality of being afraid of fires was a big error. The true problems may be the universities which failed producing Students able to understand what is at work.

With natural fires you have acid rains and global warming gases. Acid rains, you know the words. What is “acid rain” and what is the purpose of acid rains.
Your universities failed to produce someone able to tackle the problem.

There is no democracy in Sciences.

Fail to undergo the right conclusions and it may become disastrous. As to say, you have a worldwide desertification problem. With the better of the intentions, you have prepared your end. Worst, you believe in a global warming.
I have demonstrated that the oxygen of photosynthesis be exothermic. That implies a reset of many a science. I provoked the questioning about that. Now we will see if with new theories there would be new strategies. Someone has succeeded healing a corner of the desert.
It is simple. They dig a trench, put some mulch and have a lot of planting. The level of salt in the soils has receded. Greening the desert, he called it. So, you have the strategy and must have the theory if there is to be better strategies.

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